Winter Warmer

Aug 8, 2022

As we continue to try and keep warm through this cold, cold winter, why not rug up and warm up with a bit of manual labour (don’t worry, it’s not that hard – we promise!)?

Get out into the garden, enjoy the fresh air and start your preparations for Spring (it can’t be that far away, can it?!). One of the best ways to keep your garden looking neat and tidy is to have nice, clean, sharp edges. EverEdge is the perfect product for this job!

EverEdge creates the perfect defining boundary between your garden paths, garden beds, lawns, driveways and vegetable beds.  Installing EverEdge means you can stop at least 80% of grass runners invading other areas. The trick is to ensure at least 30mm of the actual edge (not just the spikes) is also in the ground, therefore creating an underground barrier to stop those problematic grass runners. One less weeding job that needs doing in the garden!