“We purchased the Everedge Rings to highlight a row of Oak trees along the driveway. The rings are well made, sturdy and easy to install.

The EverEdge team provided exemplary service, which included prompt delivery. I would not hesitate in recommending the product.”

Duncan, Kongwak

“EverEdge is light, compact and easy to move about.  I formed the curves by gently rolling the lengths over an old railway sleeper and created the angles by bending the lengths under an old fountain stand. 

EverEdge is easy to join, the lengths just slot together and the spikes hold it firmly in the ground.  Very pleased with the result.”

Malcolm, Werribee

“Thanks so much for a great product and service…the installation this morning was very simple and looks great.”

Stuart, Murrumbateman

"EverEdge has put a beautiful touch to our garden, which we are in the process of renovating.

The rust finish happened quickly and the total look is quite unique. We have had neighbours and friends comment on how great the rings look. We wouldn’t hesitate buying again from Everedge as the quality of the products and customer service is excellent.”

Michelle, Mollymook, NSW

“I was hesitant when I received my first delivery of EverEdge as I wasn’t sure it would work as I wanted and I thought it might take forever to install. I’m nearly 70 but by the time I had blinked it had just happened, the job was done and was exactly as I wanted it (and I’ve since made two more orders).

I very seldom find products that I can really recommend but this one has been designed so well I can find no fault with it – it works and it works well!”

Stephen, Tamworth, NSW

“Timely delivery and a high quality product – EverEdge does everything it is promoted to do. Thank you.”

Andrew, VIC

“Great sturdy product.

I used the EverEdge rings for my fruit trees. Now winning the battle against intrusive grass! I strongly recommend this high quality and very effective product.”

Tony, Brisbane, QLD



“I love your product!”

Mary-Lou, Wagga Wagga, NSW

“We love Everedge! It is unique in the market place and its quality, colours, strength and flexibility set it apart. We’ve been selling EverEdge for two years now and the interest has grown rapidly. We have many satisfied customers telling us of its brilliance – looks great, works well and so easy to use!”

Peter, Rock and Stone, Malvern (EverEdge Stockists)

“I am very happy with Everedge garden edging.

I have just placed my 5th order, which when installed, I will have over 130 metres of the 100 mm depth Cor-Ten edging in my garden. Everedge is an excellent product – it has formed the backbone of my landscaping and has pulled together all the other elements of my garden. The Cor-Ten finish complements the rock walls and rusty elements that also feature in my garden.  Everedge is easy to install and has allowed me to create curving garden beds that mirror the lake edge, winding roads and mountains that are in the rural landscape beyond my garden.”

Kerry, Snowy Mountains, NSW

“EverEdge is very easy to install and shape to ground contours and landscaping.  Looks great and makes for easy lawn and garden maintenance.”

John, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“EverEdge steel edging has transformed the look of our existing rock terrace, from our boring old timber edging to this sharp, black, stunning highlight. It was easy to install, interlock and contour and was up in quick time to replace the old timber. We simply added a touch of custom-cut corrugated colorbond and a few star pickets for some of the deeper fills, which also added character to our design. We love it!”

S & S, Bundaberg, QLD

“EverEdge has made my garden look so much better. I always recommend it to other people.”

Steve, Wonga Park, VIC

“Delivery arrived today. Thank you so much for your help! Great product, great service.”

Carl, Whittlesea, VIC

“Delighted! Installed by me, thanks to your terrific installation video. I love it.”

Debra, Kurmond, NSW

“We are very happy with our edging; it was really easy to install and achieve a professional finish. We are now doing the front garden to complete the whole look.”

Andrea, Reservoir, VIC

"Here are the photos of our garden where we have used your fantastic garden edging..

It took two large orders of EverEdge Classic to complete the job and a third to finish off a section surrounding some topiaries – 88 metres in all. EverEdge in black in the 75 mm is the edging that we preferred, and what impressed me about the product is it is so easy to install and that it bends into the desired shape. I will always use EverEdge and recommend it to friends.”

Warren, Manyana, NSW

“EverEdge Cor-Ten edging is a great product. It’s easy to install and bend to our design ideas.”

Peter Houghton Gardens, Somers, VIC

“So happy with the end result, turf will go in tomorrow. Thanks for a great product. EverEdge – easy to order, easy to lay and easy on the eye – nice crisp lines.”

Simon, Lysterfield

“Before EverEdge my husband used to poison along the edge of the path leaving an ugly yellow streak. Now no more yellow and a perfect straight edge! Thank you EverEdge.”

Julie, Warragul

"The smaller the job, the more critical the edging can be.

Everedge was great to work with (and very forgiving if you bent it too far and had to correct!). We’re very pleased with what it enabled us to do in this bit of no-mans outside our entrance.”

Tim, Glebe

“I now have over 150metres of EverEdge making our garden look good.”

Stephen, Burradoo, NSW

“Thank you EverEdge. The edging I did six years ago still looks brand new. I have now changed a few things in the back garden and decided to use the same product as it has done so well. Great product!”

Ashley, Whitfield, QLD

“I bought the first batch of EverEdge for the front garden and love it so much I now need to do the back garden – new order attached!”

Debra, Kurmond, NSW

“Just to let you know the order was delivered this morning. You have a great product. Already installed! Many thanks!”

Andrew, Montmorency, VIC

“First installation of EverEdge.”

Allora Gardens Nursery, Darwin

“Love the product!”

James, Stone on Stone Garden & Landscapes, Newcastle

“The last order of Everedge was used around the pool area which now looks fabulous. This next order is for three sections of the garden around the vege patches and the camellia plants/trees. My wife and I are very happy!”

Rashmi, St Ives, NSW

“I installed it quickly myself and its not budged since. When I redesigned my garden bed I just lifted it and bent it to the new location – any curve I wanted, easy peasy. I love the stuff!”

Derek, Lugarno, NSW

“We are impressed with the quality of the edging and ease of installation.”

Gary, Treloar Roses, Portland

“EverEdge is like a picture frame for your garden.
We love it!”

Judie, WA

“EverEdge is the best thing since sliced bread! Even a dumb bunny like me can use it!”

Marie, Aspendale Gardens

“I installed the edging today, very easy to install and came up a treat.”

Jason, Fox Mowing and Gardening, Melbourne

“What I love about EverEdge is that it is simple to install, long lasting, easy to show others that I work with, and my clients like the result. It also comes in nice transportable sizes, and there are no extra parts required. Its simplicity is what makes it so practical to work with.”

Di, Green Mountain Girls, Northcote

“The garden is looking great! After putting in the corten edging for the grass it looked so good I decided to continue with it for the vegetable patch garden bed (I was originally planning on using bricks but EverEdge is so much better.”

Damien, Rozelle

“EverEdge is brilliant, I now have perfect edges that won’t disintegrate over time with the hot sun as plastic and timber does.”

Jeannie, Alice Springs

“We put EverEdge in on the slope to stop rainwater flowing over our garden beds and gravel paths – and it works!”

Bern, Blackheath

“I’m certainly not handy but I easily managed to install EverEdge (actually rather proud of myself). I’m really happy with the edging and it looks so good that I’ve decided to expand my garden and will now need more. Many thanks.”

Beth, Asquith

Please send us your comments and feedback by calling us on 0488 010 203 or emailing us via the form on our Contact Us page.