Curves, angles and even Christmas Trees!

Dec 6, 2023

Curves, angles and even Christmas Trees!

The summer holiday season is here and with it some very interesting and differing weather patterns throughout Australia (as has been the case a lot this year).

At EverEdge we’ve had an exceptionally busy year with the main topic of discussion being the control of grass runners – it seems that practically everyone has this problem!

Whilst EverEdge will very effectively separate any two elements in the garden, separating grass from flower beds or paths is very often the main aim.

Grasses like couch, buffalo and kikuyu create beautifully dense and very healthy lawns because they have such active runners but they do need controlling. EverEdge can take care of that.

Because 80% of grass runners are in the top 30mm of soil it is simply a case of hammering the solid edge of EverEdge (as well as the spikes) into the ground at least 30mm and so creating a very effective underground barrier.

With the EverEdge larger depths of 125mm and 150mm this also leaves a good amount of the edge above the ground to hold in mulch and soil and also stop the runners from going over the top. Problem solved!