Galvanised and powder coated

The EverEdge galvanised and powder coated range is designed to be unobtrusive.

The powder coated colours give the impression that the soil is holding a nice neat edge. The 75mm depth is generally used to edge paths or driveways (where no grass is involved) whilst the 100mm, 125mm and 150mm depths are used for edging lawns and flower beds particularly where grass runners are present – when 30mm of the actual edge as well as the spikes is hammered into the ground it creates an effective barrier that will stop the runners invading paths or garden beds.


  • EverEdge is available in single metre lengths that easily interlock
  • Powder coated colours are black and brown in the 75mm, 100mm and 125mm depths and black in the 150 mm depth
  • 75mm depth also available in plain galvanised (silver)
  • Thickness (gauge) is 1.6mm
  • Spikes are 95mm long (six spikes per metre length)
  • Weights are 1kg for 75mm depth, 1.26kg for 100mm depth, 1.65kg for 125mm depth and 2kg for the 150mm depth

No job is too big or too small:  EverEdge is ideal for every garden edging situation. It suits all soil types and will keep garden edges looking perfect for generations.

Thousands of kilometres of EverEdge have been installed throughout the World in the last 30 years.  Enthusiastic gardeners often come back with the same comment – “That’s exactly what I need!”

“EverEdge steel edging has transformed the look of our existing rock terrace from our boring old timber edging to this sharp, black stunning highlight…”

“Thank you EverEdge.  The edging I did six years ago still looks brand new…”

“I installed the edging today, very easy and came up a treat!”


“Is the powder coating damaged by whipper snipping?”

The EverEdge powder coating is not damaged by whipper snipping. We’ve done a number of experiments including holding the whipper snipper against the powder coating finish and running it until the thread was worn out and there wasn’t a mark on the edging. EverEdge can, however, be damaged by whipper snipping with a wire or metal cutter.

“Does the powder coating crack when an angle is formed?”

No, the powder coating is designed to stretch around the curve or angle and will not crack or flake. When forming the angle we do, however, recommend bending the piece of EverEdge over wood or covered metal rather than rough concrete so that the powder coating doesn’t get scratched.

“Will the powder coating change colour over time?”

No, EverEdge will hold its black or brown colour for many many years. The powder coating is baked on at extremely high temperatures making it particularly durable.

“What should I use to hammer EverEdge into the ground?”

When installing EverEdge in the galvanized and powder coated finish we recommend using a wooden or plastic hammer. A metal hammer can be used so long as a piece of wood is placed on the top of the edging so the hammer doesn’t come into contact with the powder coating (a metal hammer could damage the powder coating).

“What happens if I have part of the length left over?”

We don’t recommend cutting the EverEdge lengths because you would need to use an angle grinder and also it would open up the cut end to rust. For any leftover piece we suggest making an angle (which is easy to do over the corner of a table or workbench, etc) and running the extra bit along the fence or wall or whatever it has run up against (this also makes an effective holding frame to keep in mulch and soil, etc). Alternatively it is also easy to overlap the last two sections of EverEdge rather than joining them together on the clip (they will still hold perfectly).

Online prices per metre:

Finish: Galvanised & powder coated (plain galvanised, brown or black)
Depth: 75mm
Cost per Metre: $23.00** plus delivery

Finish: Galvanised & powder coated (brown or black)
Depth: 100mm
Cost per Metre: $27.00** plus delivery

Finish: Galvanised & powder coated (brown or black)
Depth: 125mm
Cost per Metre: $30.00** plus delivery

Finish: Galvanised & powder coated            (black only)
Depth: 150mm
Cost per Metre: $33.00** plus delivery

**Discounts are available for large orders.

We give a 5% discount on all online orders of EverEdge of 50 metres or more and a 10% discount on all orders of EverEdge of 100 metres or more.

**Landscape and gardening professionals, please contact us for our trade rates.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN ORDERING: EverEdge overlaps as it interlocks so remember to add 6% to your actual requirements.