Winter Cheer

Jun 17, 2021

Winter is here and now is the perfect time to define all the different areas in the garden. 

The ground is (generally) at it softest during winter and its so easy to install EverEdge to ensure the divisions between paths, flower (and vegetable) beds and lawns are well established – particularly when many plants have been pruned back and the different areas are very easy to see. 

One of the many benefits of EverEdge is that, when 30 mms of the actual edge as well as the spikes is driven into the ground, it is very effective in controlling grass runners and stopping the spread invading beds, paths and the area around trees and shrubs.  EverEdge also holds in soil and mulch and stops water run off.  All vital things to ensure the continuation of a well established garden. 

Make sure you’re ready for that Spring rush with controlled splendor and a burst of colour – in  the right areas! 

A great way to ensure winter cheer – have a really effective garden project (installing steel garden edging is one of the few jobs in the garden that you only have to do once).  EverEdge will keep your garden edges looking perfect for generations.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our stockists.

Now that’s a project!

EverEdge Garden Rings will protect the area around trees and shrubs,

EverEdge will also separate lawn to path and

lawn to garden bed.

EverEdge will also separate lawn to path and

lawn to garden bed.