The 12 Joys of Christmas with Everedge Flexible Steel Garden Edging

Dec 20, 2017

One Metre Lengths

Two different finishes (galvanized & powder coated and Cor-Ten)

Three different heights (75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm)

Four choice of colours (black, brown, silver or rusted)

Five most popular lawn types that can all be controlled by EverEdge (Buffalo, Couch Kikuyu, Zoysia and Queensland Blue Couch)

Six spikes per metre length

Seven year itch doesn’t apply – EverEdge will last 77 years

Eight shapes and angles that can be created with EverEdge*

Nine centimeters – length of each spike

Ten different soil types in Australia – all suited to EverEdge

Eleven minutes spent every day admiring your perfect edges (at the very least)

Twelve very jealous neighbours…. (who you may or may not tell about EverEdge)

*Actually the choice is limitless but we had a spare eight…….

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