Summer Jobs – EverEdge

May 3, 2017

Summer jobs in the garden – the timing has never been better to Install EverEdge – one of the few jobs you only have to do once in the garden. As we head towards summer those curves, angles and straight lines that separate lawn to path, lawn to garden bed or path to garden bed are all calling out for assistance in order to stop one element from merging with (or invading) the other. 

EverEdge makes summer jobs in the garden very easy. It is incredibly simple to install, there are no extra pins, pegs or joiners, and it will last for generations. It easily flexes to hold perfect curves, bends to form accurate angles and also maintains a faultless straight line.

On a recent trip to our stockists in Queensland, whilst many were admiring the EverEdge, I was also enjoying the  Jacaranda trees and the birdlife. I was further inspired on my return to Victoria by the delicate curves of a friendly black snake beside the farm track.

Spring has been an extremely busy time for the team at EverEdge as more and more people throughout Australia discover the many advantages of  perfect edges. We have an increasing number of Stockists and for those not able to get to one of them (its difficult to cover the entire continent!) The Shop on our website makes it very easy to arrange for delivery to your door.

For any queries don’t hesitate to Contact Us – or one of our feathered friends!