Spring is Here

Sep 2, 2021

Spring has sprung and our gardens are bursting into bud, flower and growth. 

A great joy at this very different time.   Garden projects are always very rewarding but never more so than when so many other activities have been somewhat curtailed…..

With spring growth gathering speed the importance of restricting various elements in the garden from invading areas where they are not so welcome becomes all too obvious.   Grass runners particularly need to be controlled, mulch needs to be contained and paths, garden beds and driveways need to be defined.  It is also very important to protect the areas around the base of trees and shrubs.

EverEdge in both the straight metre lengths and the pre curved garden rings can help with all these things – with ease and forever.



EverEdge will easily and very effectively separate any two elements in your garden

Wishing you and your garden a very happy Spring time and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 0488 010203 or email info@everedge.com.au