As Summer Turns To Autumn

Feb 14, 2022

As Summer Turns to Autumn

For so much of Australia this summer has been one of the wettest on record.  This has created incredible growth in our gardens of wonderful flowers, shrubs and trees but it has also assisted with the arrival of various other less welcome elements…..    Weeds have been appearing like never before and grass runners have very actively been invading areas where they’re not wanted.

And that’s where EverEdge comes to the fore.  The battle to control grass runners can easily and extremely effectively be won with the installation of EverEdge – with 30mm of the edge as well as the spikes in the ground EverEdge  creates an extremely effective underground barrier and with the remaining edge above the ground it keeps the grass in place.  Which is what every gardener wants!

In amongst the challenges of steel shortages and distribution delays, at EverEdge we’ve been incredibly busy ensuring our customers receive their orders with a minimum of delays.  We have now increased our warehousing facilities to ensure the availability and prompt distribution of more stock to meet the the wonderful enthusiasm by so many people for EverEdge steel garden edging.

EverEdge works well in all gardens regardless of their size