EverEdge Classic – Cor-Ten Steel

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Rusted Steel Garden Edging

EverEdge Classic (in one metre lengths) is available in Cor-Ten Steel in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm depths with a 1.5mm gauge. All metre lengths have six 95mm long spikes. The Cor-Ten steel starts off as a dull silver colour and then develops the rust finish over about four weeks.

Price $27.00 to $36.00 per length.

For further information go to EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten


EverEdge Classic Cor-Ten Steel edging overlaps and interlocks so remember to add 6% to your actual requirement.

Discounts are available for large online orders. We give a 5% discount on all orders of EverEdge Classic of 50 metres or more and a 10% discount on all orders of EverEdge Classic of 100 metres or more (when ordered on line).

PLEASE NOTE: The lengths of EverEdge in the 150mm depth are joined together using a bolt at the base. The bolts are included in the packs and ensure the stability of this larger depth.

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100mm x 1000mm, 125mm x 1000mm, 150mm x 1000mm